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Japanese model poses with giant octopus, because she likes tentacles.
A Japanese model and food blogger Namada decided to take photos with an 18-kg live giant Pacific octopus because, she said, she ‘really likes tentacles’. She ‘always wanted to be photographed with an octopus; and to make her dream a reality, she collaborated with photographer Kazan Yamamoto.

After the shoot was over, Namada told tokyogirlsupdate.com that it was ‘really difficult because the octopus was so heavy’.

Yamamoto said there were some unexpected challenges as the octopus was alive, and because it was slippery, it was really hard to grab a hold of.

The photos were recently put on display at a gallery in Tokyo.

But what happened to the octopus after the shoot? Well, it was cooked and eaten.

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