Only Love – Anjali Taneja Ft Pav Dharia Video Download


Pav Dharia Presents
Anjali Taneja & Pav Dharia in Only Love
Written and composed by Anjali Taneja & Pav Dharia
Music By: Nicolas Laget & Pav Dharia
Directed By: Othello Banaci
Photography: Justin Lamar
MUA – Sana Sayed
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I Used to Have my Head in The Stars
Young & Foolish Thing There in Love Call Be Eyes
But You Play Your Part, Where
Never Ever Can Santai Ya Yeeahh
Baby Tell Me
These Kill Only
Cause You are Your only Love
You Never See
But You Don’t Tell Me
Cause You are Your only Love
Ye He Yeaahhhh
Lafza wich Karla Zahir da De Ik Mauka
Tere Ishq ch Dubana Mainu Behad Saukha
Tere Bina eh Rooh Meri Jaan Bemurda
Tere Sang Reh k Main Hun Hojava Zinda
Vekh Na Paaya
Tere Pyaar ch Kidda
Tere Ishq si Khudgarzi Meri
Aaja Dikhava Kinna Tainu Chahvaaaa
Tere Ishq Kamzori Meri
Tere Ishq Kamzori Meri
Kyu Ese The Apni Kahani Kholo
Mauka Deti hu Main
Pehle Tum Bolo
Darr Hai Mohabbat main Fir na Kho Jau
Dhund k Lane Wale Bus Tum he Ho
Im Not so Good With Words
Give me A Chance
I Know Upon me First But NOW
Will Lence
Im Nothing Without Your Love
So How Can I Tell You
I Need You By My Side Every Day
I Didn’t See
What we Cud be
When I Was my Only Love
Let me Show You
I Wanna Hold You
You Are My Only Love
I dIDN’T See
Didn’t See
What we Could be
We Could Be
When I Was my Only Love
Let me Show You
I Wanna Hold You
You Are My Only Love

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