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Remember watching Friends and hoping that if you ever had to share a flat with someone, it better be fun loving people like Joey, Phoebe, Ross, Monica, Rachel or Chandler.

Well, no one likes moving in with someone you can’t get along with.
Is there a way of identifying the ideal roomie?
Yes! Here are some traits you must approve of in your roommate

1. Owning up, being responsible and helpful

The first sign is being responsible.

Imagine what would it be living with someone who knew when the rent, electricity and gas bill should be paid?

You wouldn’t have to remind the person to tidy up the room or switch off lights before s/he leaves the house.

What a joy it would be living with someone responsible.

Andrea agrees: “I know I have found a good roommate if she is helpful and equally responsible in the house as I am.”

“It’s important that the person shares responsibilities or is at least open to doing so,” Kirti adds.

2. Somebody who is chilled out

We all want a roomie like that, don’t we?

No one wants to be stuck with a roommate who doesn’t know how to have fun.
Says Kirti, “It’s nice to have somebody who is easy to be around with.”
“If s/he doesn’t talk too much, it is great, because I like to be in my own space,” Andrea adds.

3. S/he knows how to cook and is a foodie

Kirti feels it will be great to have someone who is a good cook. It will be amazing to have tasty ghar ka khana.

As for Andrea, she says, “I love to cook and eat. So it will be good if my roomie is a foodie too. It will be great if she can cook.”

4. Someone who doesn’t lie

Honesty is very important when you’re living together. Integrity helps you connect with each other and have a healthy relationship.

“I can’t stand someone who lies,” says Kirti.

5. S/he is not STINGY (and loves to party at times)
Andrea dislikes stingy people. She says, “Because I’m not stingy, I can’t digest stingy people. I have met a few and I think it’s a horrible trait to have.”

“My roomie cannot be a chindi (miser) . She needs to understand that we are all spending money.”

6. Someone who is on the same wavelength
According to Kirti, it is very important to be quite similar in terms of your mental make-up.

“Being on the same wavelength means you end up doing things together and having fun.”

“It will be nice to have someone who is fun, not a bore,” she adds.

7. Respectful towards your family/friends
No great relationship survives without respect.

It is not sufficient to just be respectful towards your parents, the same respect needs to be extended towards your friends too.

If your roomie is disrespectful, none of your friends would want to hang out at your home. That will complicate things for you.

“They may not respect your parents as much as you do, but the person needs to be respectful,” says Kirti.

8. Someone who is not a cry baby
A roomie who offers her/his shoulder to cry on is such a pillar of strength.

You clearly don’t want to settle with a cry baby, who breaks into tears at the drop of a hat!

Describing her near-perfect roomie, Kirti says, “Somebody who is strong — emotionally and mentally. Somebody who can stand by you, speak up for you and is a shoulder to cry on. Yes! A lot like my character in Pink.”

9. Age is just a number, isn’t it?
Worried about not being able to get along with a roomie only because s/he is older?

Well, that shouldn’t be a huge challenge.

“It wouldn’t make a difference if the person is from another caste/country/religion,: says Andrea. “Age also doesn’t bother me.”

10. Having a photographer roommate is simply awesome
It is an advantage if your roomie is a photographer or knows photography.

It will take care of the headache of visiting a photo studio each time you need a photograph.

Parties will be fun with the roomie going click, click, click…and you will have sufficient photographic memories to last a lifetime.

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