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62 West Studio & Ranbir Bath Presents Latest Punjabi Song 2019 Named “DEVIL” Sing By Sony Maan Ft.Mukh Mantri Music Given By Its’Simar
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Title- DEVIL
Singer - Sony Maan Ft.Mukh Mantri
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Mukh Mantri
Lyrics – Happy Bandale Wala
Music - Its’ Simar
D.O.P - Ali Khan & Jeet Aman
Editor – Pankaj Rajput
Video By - Khwaab Films (+91 97799 91237)
Director – Gurjass Sidhu & Pankaj Rajput
Producer - Kuldeep Randhawa, Amolakdeep Bhullar, Manjot Bhullar, Ranjodh Bath , Billa Gill,Sarpreet Singh Randhawa
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Project By – Ranbir Bath & Preet Lehri
Online promotion – Team 62West Studio / vk media
Special Thanks – Jagdeep Randhawa, Shera Italy , bika dinewal,Navdeep,Gori brar , Billa Dinewal
Mukh Mantri Wardrobe By – JB Retailers
Sony Maan Wardrobe By – Mandhir Bath, Manjot Sandhu
Starting – Sony Maan, Mukh Mantri Ranbir Bath, Money Romana
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published Year – 2019


Vekho aa gaya tuhada Mukh Mantri
Tumko bessan wala Mukh Mantri
Yo Yo Sony Maan, Ranbir Bathan wala
Tum bhi aa jao stage pe
Ho kaatil ae akhan
Kaatil aa thought ve
Naam pichhe janda barbaadi likhi
Tu ekkeyan da case laike chaad karda
Record’an mereyan ch att waggi likhi
Bada ae lagaav gun dekhne ke naal
Chhoti hoon de paavti tareekh jache na
Ho coffee cuffee peen layi na jaandi date te
Jaandi date te
Chhote mote kare na shikaar nakhro
Devil’an nu rakhdi ae target te x (2)
Ho punjabeyan de naade saale bandhne ni aunde
Taanhi dabb vich rakhida glock phad ke
Tere jehe vailiyan layi gaane di ni lod ae
Paad daiye sar kane maar maar ke
Ho rap pe aaje, rap ho raha gaajeyan de
Ho nihar bande na likhayi da hunda
Asle de kise kol ghaate nai hunde
Aida banda kithon tak maar rakhda
Ho shaklan te like biodata nai hunde
Sony Maan jadon vaardat kardi
Akhan agge kaali nehri raat kardi
Tere jehe munh pher chakk vekhde
Chakk vekhde
Chhote mote kare na shikaar nakhro
Devil’an nu rakhdi ae target te x (2)
Naal rehnde bande mere vella agge sonu baith
Chaak lainde gharon game kar dende raaton raat
Paat dende gharon banda kar dende hadka
Mukh Mantri aa tera adhura patt da
Sunny Deol Gadar vich putte jiddan nalka
Woh tera padaav je
Ho sadkan de utte maut turre phirdi
Tidde naal bangu bande banni phirde
Ho border’an chon mildi ae laash ohna di
Khud nu aa vaili jehde mani phirde
Bandale Wala Happy kehle reh bach ke
Jitte jee ni banda leh jande chakk ke
Ho waddeyan di reh chhote dekh rekh ch
Dekh rekh ch
Chhote mote kare na shikaar nakhro
Devil’an nu rakhdi ae target te
Ho pink ni mera favorite red oye
Mardan da jehde rang da blood oye
Ho mardan da jehde rang da blood oye
Reh darde guddi kehka
Ho pink ni chhote mera favorite red oye
Mardan na hunda jehde rang da blood oye
Ho warning ae chhote tainu
Reh bach ke
Khatam ho gaya
The end!

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